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Do you notice that when the temperature drops outside and the wind begins to blow that you can feel a "draft" around your fireplace doors.  We all enjoy a good warm fire on those cold brisk days, but if you are like most fireplace owners, you don't keep a fire going 24hrs/7days week.  So how can you stop those cold drafts when your fireplace is not burning a roaring fire?                             


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 draftshieldlogo.pngDRAFT SHIELD from KSG Products is the answer.                     


A drafty fireplace is the result of several factors;  
  • Air movement up/down the chimney: This occurs because the damper and fireplace doors are not air tight. 
  • Air movement around the firebox:  This occurs when outside air is able to penetrate through the exterior of the house that surrounds the firebox (the chase).  As air moves into/out of the house through the chase it passes into the house through openings and gaps on the interior front of the fireplace.

The innovative design of the DRAFT SHIELD™ will help solve both of these air infiltrating situations, because it covers the entire fireplace opening.

The DRAFT SHIELD™  is simple to use and an aesthetically pleasing solution to help improve the comfort of your home by stopping those cold drafts penetrating through your idle fireplace. And it's easy to remove and re-install.


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The Draft Sheilds™ flexible neoprene cover along with its low profile magnetic trim allow for a tight fit around and over almost every style of fireplace door and damper handle on the market.

Perfect for your Home or Cabin Fireplace  (Wood or Gas burning):

  • helps stop drafts and unwanted air inflitration up and down your chimney
  • helps stop drafts and unwanted air inflitration from a poorly insulated fireplace chase 
  • helps reduce ash dust from blowing into and around your home
  • helps hide those unsitely soot stained bricks and doors
  • the flexible cover and small profile trim will fit around almost every type of fireplace door & damper handle.